All V-Scape enclosures are designed with sliding front doors, custom built to size, and can be built with a number of different ventilation options to choose from. Sliding front doors are undeniably the way to go when considering a new enclosure. The ability to completely remove and set aside the doors during the initial hardscaping and planting of your vivarium, coupled with the ease of access provided by sliding doors only begin to touch on why this design is so popular amongst hobbyists.

Unlike the commercially available terrariums, you have the freedom to choose your exact dimensions. This allows hobbyist to fill every valuable inch of real estate we have on our racks as well as create that one of a kind display tank. Without all of the excess plastic used in the commercially produced terrariums on the market, V-Scape enclosures provide you with a nice polished look worthy of the beautiful inhabitants found inside.

single tank


As the keeping of naturalistic vivariums has evolved, the importance of proper ventilation and air- circulation has come to light. A properly ventilated enclosure is essential for the overall health of the animals and plants living inside. Another huge benefit of proper ventilation is that it will aid in keeping the viewing area practically condensation free.

Here at V-Scape, you have several ventilation options to choose from and are able to offer your plants and animals a healthier life-style.


"Sherman Vent"

I am also very excited to now offer the option of having your vivs equipped with the AWESOME "Sherman Vent" system! Chris Sherman's design offers all the benefits of the standard "euro-vent", but gives it to you in an even cleaner looking package. With this ventilation system, you have the option of choosing from a 1/4" or 1/2" vent. The following enclosures are equipped with a 1/2" vent located just below the bottom door track.

***On behalf of Chris Sherman, V-Scape is proud to announce that a portion of all enclosure sales utilizing the "Sherman Vent" will be donated to support the efforts of Brian Kubicki and the Costa Rican Amphibian Research Center.

Please click on the following link to learn more about the C.R.A.R.C. and their dedication to the biological research and conservation of Costa Rican amphibians. http://cramphibian.com

"Crestie Condos" for the Gecko Keepers

These enclosures are the ultimate upgrade from the typical plastic growout tubs! Front opening sliding doors and a full screen top. This one has been divided in two and keeps the growing juveniles separated from each other.


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